The Truth about Melaleuca and Frank VanderSloot

An important question….

January 12th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Featured | Melaleuca

Melaleuca marketing doesn’t rely on television commercials, radio ads, billboards, or any of the normal advertising methods. The word about Melaleuca gets around in the old-fashioned way–by one person telling another about the effectiveness of Melaleuca products and the consumer-direct business opportunity Melaleuca provides.

In this world of fast-talking scam artists and questionable schemes that make a few people rich and many others sorry, it is easy to understand why the fantastic-sounding claims sometimes made by Melaleuca customers and Marketing Executives could be met with skepticism. Folks don’t want to get their hopes up only to be disappointed. They have been let down plenty enough already.

This site was designed to help those who have heard about Melaleuca find out the facts about Melaleuca. After all, you want to base your decision on the truth, not on rumors. And you definitely don’t want to base your decision about what could be a life-changing choice on the pile of deliberate misinformation put out there by those who wish they could compete with Melaleuca’s products and business model–but can’t.

For those who won’t settle for less . . . here are the FACTS.

The truth about Melaleuca.

And the truth about Frank VanderSloot.

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